Monday, April 18, 2016

Threat assessment

Here are enumerated just a fraction of the threats that I have encountered thus far in Marseille.

Days 1 & 2:

Target: young couple at airport
Threat: potential obvious pickpockets
Threat Level: extreme

Target: teenagers on bus from airport
Threat: what's in their coats? what's on their minds?
Threat Level: vigilance needed

Target: family at metro station
Threat: family? Hah. More like band of thieves.
Threat Level: ominous

Target: old woman on metro
Threat: terrorist
Threat Level: extreme

Target: 30-something man on metro
Threat: terrorist
Threat Level: extreme

Week 2:

Target: young couple waiting for metro
Threat: obvious pickpockets...using affection for cover
Threat Level: immodest

Target: teenagers on metro
Threat: they hopped the turnstyle...what are they up to?
Threat Level: moderate

Target: family at church on our first visit
Threat: dinner invitation already?
Threat Level: extreme...we're not what I'd call an extroverted family

Target: old woman on metro
Threat: still a terrorist
Threat Level: extreme

Target: 30-something man on metro
Threat: terrorist...wait...bonjour! Yes, I do remember being introduced to you when I toured the lab last week.
Threat Level: tres embarrassing

Month 2 and beyond:

Target: young couple walking
Threat: texting paired with complete obliviousness to those trying to get past them
Threat Level: strong chance of missed connection

Target: teenagers on Metro
Threat: one seat for each teen, one seat for each backpack
Threat Level: mild

Target: old woman on tram
Threat: may want to converse in French
Threat Level: existential

Target: family walking a dog
Threat: let dog poop in middle of sidewalk, pretend not to notice
Threat Level: extreme* ( your step!)

Target: 30-something man in government office
Threat: Avez-vous une traduction française de ce document?
Threat Level: bureaucratic

We fear what we do not know. What we do know can often annoy us.

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